Hi-yum, Bi-yum, Tri-yum, Bi-yum....

Hi-yum we come from the Planet Htrae / eartH
on the far side of the Sun our
vessel moves in rhythm with the
solar winds of Love
Our only mission is to verify whatʼs going wrong

Somebodyʼs vision is trying to bring this planet down
Something is missing,
Letʼs put our feet back on the ground

The face of Easter Island was
covered thick with forest green from
which they built canoes to
keep their link with Polynesia....
They rolled big stones, built monumental idol heads

Myopic thinking brought the garden island down
What were they drinking?
Idol lips speak not a sound...

Letʼs hover over Greenland and
watch the Viking ships arrive with
plowblade, cross and sword they
pillaged north with pride,
our brothers run at adaptation, cut by the sin of pride

Refuse to listen to your mamaʼs cycle change
Soon youʼll be missinʼ....

Aah........ Aah........ Aah........

Your home in Montana was
once aligned with buffalo in
rhythm with the moon in
cycle with the snow
See your frozen rivers run, swiftly to oblivion

Carbon Pandoraʼs warming up the atmosphere
Denialʼs soaring
Scotty beam us out of here!

Native Anthropology
Inventory __________.
Native Anthropology

Inventory __________.
Native Anthropology
Native Anthropology

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